Yakult straws sold on Carousell as ‘vintage collectibles’ for up to S$1,000

Everything can be sold on Carousell.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 9, 05:33 pm

Yakult Singapore removed straws from their products Yakult and Yakult Ace Light last month.

This was their commitment to become more environmentally-friendly.

Most Singaporeans welcomed this change as it is easy and convenient to just drink directly from the bottle. 

Yakult S’pore to stop providing straws from 2019 onwards, S’poreans react

With this change, Yakult straws have however become items of the past.

Vintage collectibles on Carousell

As such, a few innovative sellers who see sentimental value in these straws listed Yakult straws on Carousell for sale.

The prices listed ranged from S$199 to even S$1,000.

We are not kidding:

Screenshot from Carousell

“The popular everyday probiotic beverage, Yalkult (sic), were once packaged with straws. Today, they are nowhere to be found – succumbed to the growing trend of strawlessness. $199 sounds silly now, but surely, this a collectable worth investing to share stories for generations to come. 5 straws – Brand new in packaging”

Brand new yakult straws in packaging

And what about this seller?

Screenshot from Carousell

“Vintage Yakult Straw very rare only got one

left in Singapore.”

This is the last straw for us too.

Top photo collage from screenshots on Carousell.

Do you know that plastic straws cannot be recycled?

Here are what you can and cannot recycle in the blue commingled bins:

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