Vietnamese lady marries online boyfriend against parents’ wishes, finds out he’s a millionaire

This is Viet-ry sweet.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 10, 07:01 pm

Online relationships are getting more common nowadays.

For one Vietnamese lady though, this was no usual online relationship.


Van Anh was browsing one the Instagram page of a personality she followed when in one of the pictures, she saw a man standing next to them.

She promptly reached out to him over direct messages, but unfortunately, as it turned out, he wasn’t really close to her idol.

Regardless, the two kept in touch over the months.

Van Anh is a Science and Tech graduate from Hanoi University, while Dang Tuan was living and working in Russia.

Even though they lived extremely far from one another, they became a couple in November 2016, after talking online for six months.

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Unsurprisingly, Van Anh’s mother was not pleased with her daughter’s relationship choice.

According to QQ News and World of Buzz, the mother had claimed Van Anh would regret dating someone she met online, and furthermore they hadn’t really known each other for that long.

Undaunted, though, Tuan travelled all the way to Vietnam to seek permission from Van Anh’s parents.

And after some more convincing, the couple finally got her parent’s blessings to marry.

Shock and awe

It was when the two were planning their wedding, though, that another huge surprise awaited Van Anh and her parents.

Despite having talked for months, and having access to the Internet, it was only when they were in Russia planning their wedding, that Van Anh learned from Tuan that he is actually a millionaire general manager of a fashion brand.

And following this new gold-coated plot twist, the two ended up getting married in April last year in a five-star hotel in Hanoi.

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They now live in Russia with their two children.

And despite the pleasant surprise the money might have provided, Van Anh is adamant that she would have fallen in love with Tuan regardless of his wealth, or lack thereof.

Image from Baomoi.com


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