The Bachelor cast visits S’pore for an episode & oriental music starts playing in the background


Mandy How | January 30, 06:15 pm


The Bachelor is a US television series where a supposed bachelor is expected to select a partner from a pool of romantic interests.

The reality show, which started in 2002, is so popular that it now has 23 seasons and related spin-offs.

In episode four of season 23, Singapore became the backdrop for one episode of this reality TV drama.

A quick synopsis of what bachelor Colton Underwood and the women did:

“The group travels to Singapore. Tayshia and Colton bungee jump, while 13 bachelorettes explore the city, visiting a leech therapy center and trying different foods. Colton treats Caelynn to a posh designer shopping spree. Meanwhile, a new rivalry springs up.”

Here are some highlights found on Youtube.

1) Trying Asian food

Because it is always a good idea to diss a host country’s food, the women on the show decided to do just that.

Intestines and chicken feet were greeted with sounds of “ewwwww” even before the women tried them:

One of the women was even taken aback by how not-bad the food was: “It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I think we’ll have to see how I feel in an hour.”

Another one fanned herself and retched into a bin after eating. Perhaps she swallowed a chicken bone.

Screenshot via The Bachelor Insider/YouTube
Screenshot via The Bachelor Insider/YouTube

2) Bungee jumping in Sentosa

In another segment, Underwood and another contestant went on a date in Sentosa. They tried bungee jumping — one of Singapore’s latest attractions.

Nothing much went on, honestly.

Here’s another couple who did the same thing:

3) Shopping spree

In yet another part of the episode, Underwood chooses a girl to pamper with a shopping spree.

Almost predictably, the spree takes place at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Back at apartment, the rest of the girls talk about the chosen girl.

Despite the cast visiting various tourist spots around Singapore, our favourite part has to be when oriental music that is not at all stereotypical starts playing (at 2:24, right after a contestant asks, “Where is Singapore?”).

Afterwards, you’re treated to shots of the Marina Bay area, Underwood ordering sugarcane juice, Underwood just standing in front of the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City, and the girls gushing over the skyline.


Top image via Anna Marie’s BachelorTV/Youtube

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