It’s official, Dec. 2018 was definitely hotter than usual

It will continue to be hot.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 1, 08:53 pm

If you felt that last month was hotter than the usual year-end weather, you are absolutely right.

Warmer and drier

According to a review by Meteorological Service Singapore, the mean monthly temperature measured at the Changi climate station for December was 27.6°C. 

That is 1.2°C higher than the long-term average temperature of 26.4°C for December from 1981 to 2010. 

 The daily max temperature for December ranged between 32.5°C and 34.0°C which was higher than the long-term average from 1981 to 2010, 30.2 °C.

December’s hottest day fell on the 23rd, hitting 34.7°C in the Newton area.

That means December 2018 is likely surpassed the highest mean daily max temperature of December on record so far.

This was close to the hottest December on record back in 2015 with mean monthly temperature and mean daily max temperature of  27.8 and 31.6°C respectively

Not only was it hotter during December, most of Singapore received below-average rainfall during the month as well.

Image from Meteorological Service Singapore


For the first few weeks of December, Singapore experienced some wet weather due to the proximity of the monsoon rain band to the equatorial South China Sea.

Gusty winds due to intense thunderstorms, also caused two trees to fall over at Sembawang Park.

However, weather conditions saw a sharp turn towards the end of the month.

The reason for it being warmer and drier towards the last week of December was due to strong solar heating and low rainfall as a result of a low-pressure system in the South China Sea, which drew the rainclouds away from the region.  

Translation: Damn hot.

Will continue to be warm

January will continue to be warm, and occasionally windy, with more showers expected towards the end of the first week.

The prevailing Northeast Monsoon in the region is expected to persist, bringing light winds from the north.

A tropical storm is also expected to move into the South China Sea.

All these will most likely result in heavy afternoon thunder showers for about six to eight days during the first half of January.

Temperatures during the first half of January are expected to range between 24°C and 33°C.

Top photo from Pixabay.

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