S’pore Airlines gave out free gifts to passengers after problem with in-flight entertainment system

Great service.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 27, 07:36 pm


Singapore Airlines has garnered quite the reputation for customer service excellence.

Their handling of flight delays or breakdowns have been lauded in the past.

These issues usually affect a passenger’s timing or inconvenience them in a rather impactful manner.

However, this particular instance involved a short-haul flight from Bangkok to Singapore, which takes less than three hours, and there did not appear to be any delay whatsoever.

In fact, the only thing that was apparently a bit off was the entertainment system.

This prompted an apology on the flight itself, and in addition to that, the airlines offered all passengers a gift on arrival as a token of their apology.

Image from Thomas Hungerland

Here is what Thomas Hungerland, a senior Vice President at the Southeast Asian branch of Daimler Financial services, had to say about the incident on his LinkedIn.

“On the short-haul flight #SQ977 from Bangkok to Singapore today, the inflight entertainment system didn’t work. In addition to an apology on board, #SQ offered all passengers a gift on arrival as a token of apology. Well done #SingaporeAirlines – you continue to impress. Incredible #CustomerFocus – turning #moments_of_truth into opportunities to create #customerloyalty”


The post has gained quite a bit of traction, with over 14,000 likes in a little over a week.

Most of the reactions were in support of what they felt was typical Singapore Airlines behaviour.

Screenshot from Thomas’ Linkedin

And keep in mind, Thomas was in economy class, so this wasn’t like a business or first class-exclusive perk.

Here’s what they were gifted with.

Great job.

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Image collated from LinkedIn and Singapore Airlines

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