Pre-CNY spring cleaning season sees rubbish dumping mess at Lorong Ah Soo void deck

Does this spark joy in you?

Zhangxin Zheng | January 12, 12:41 am

Spring cleaning is the time when many people discover they have too many things that do not actually spark joy and they should be thrown away.

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However, throwing away items to declutter your house does not mean cluttering the void deck like this:

Photo from MrBrown Facebook post

Thrownaway mess at void deck

According to a Facebook post on Jan. 10 by blogger mrbrown, unwanted items were spotted accumulated all over the void deck rubbish bin at Block 128 in Lorong Ah Soo.

This unsightly mess included cardboard boxes, soft toys and bamboo poles.

While most items might be too bulky to fit into the rubbish chutes or bins, these items could have been placed more responsibly and neatly.

Here’s what the post said:

Seen by mom at Blk 128, Lorong Ah Soo: “These people are very irresponsible! They just dump their rubbish downstairs so that they can have a clean house! They have a very poor sense of responsibility. I wish I can put back all this rubbish into their house. I feel sorry for the cleaner.”

Mom is right. Please lah, want to CNY spring-cleaning also not like this, right?


Many of the commenters felt apologetic towards the cleaners who will be made to clear the mess and shared that this is a common sight during Chinese New Year period.

There are instances where inconsiderate residents leave their unwanted items mindlessly at other common spaces too, such as in the lifts.

Diapers? Gross.

Several others also suspect that these items could be neatly placed initially and real culprits behind this mess could be people who rummaged through the pile afterwards hoping to scavenge for usable items or anything that can be resold.

Regardless of the mess, some of these items are recyclables that can go into the blue recycling bins instead.

And if you are not too sure what can be recycled, here’s a quick guide for you.

Top photo from Mr Brown Facebook post

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