Burger King joins rest of S’pore in condemning McDonald’s salted egg yolk fries

Burger King taking no prisoner.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 5, 03:22 pm

It’s been a few days since McDonalds delivered their new menu items for the new year.

And the response might not have been what they anticipated.

Specifically, the response to the salted egg yolk loaded fries.

Here it is.

Image by Mandy How

Looks good enough, but the taste left much to be desired.

Read exactly how much here.

A no-holds-barred review of McDonald’s S’pore salted egg yolk fries & peach pie

Here are some samples of the discontent brewing in the comment section.

Most of it was plain dislike.

With some commenting on the promise of being “loaded”

Imploring McDonalds to take it off the menu.

Bringing back other more welcome menu items.

Also, shout out to this guy, who appears to be one of the owners of Fish And Chicks.

Man makes a good point.


One fast-food competitor saw a silver lining amongst this cloud of discontent.

It started off with this post by Jian Ming Phua on the less-than-ideal taste of the fries.


His comment received plaudits from fellow disgruntled patrons who had consumed the fries.

And amidst this discontent, Burger King struck. In their competitor’s comments section, no less.

Hi JM,

We know, the clown did it again. Yet another blunder. Here at Burger King, we never mess with our fries. That is why you should totally get our Cheesy Fries for only $2.50.

Disparaging use of the word clown? Check. Mention own establishment? Check. Emphasise affordable price point? Check. Get the masses on your side?


Our review on the fries and the peach pie.

A no-holds-barred review of McDonald’s S’pore salted egg yolk fries & peach pie

Happier, more hopeful times.

McDonald’s S’pore introducing salted egg yolk fries, peach pie & pandan soft-serve on Jan. 3, 2019

Top image by Mandy How and screenshot from Mcdonald’s S’pore Facebook

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