Someone in S’pore shares legit DIY Long John Silver’s salted egg yolk fries life hack

Cheaper than McDonald's.

Fasiha Nazren | January 8, 06:05 pm

In case you’ve been living under a very big rock, McDonald’s recently released the salted egg yolk loaded fries.

McDonald’s S’pore introducing salted egg yolk fries, peach pie & pandan soft-serve on Jan. 3, 2019

However, not many people believe that it tastes as good as it sounds:

Burger King joins rest of S’pore in condemning McDonald’s salted egg yolk fries

A no-holds-barred review of McDonald’s S’pore salted egg yolk fries & peach pie

Long John Silver’s salted egg yolk fries

And thanks to the “disappointing new offerings” from McDonald’s, one Singaporean devised a fast food hack to get some salted egg yolk fries from Long John’s Silver (LJS).

According to the admin of local Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale, here’s what he did to get do-it-yourself salted egg yolk fries.

Step 1:

All he had to do was to order a serving of large fries (S$2.60) and a small tub of salted egg yolk sauce (S$1).

via Singapore Atrium Sale

Step 2:

Since the salted egg yolk sauce is packed separately, the fries won’t go soggy from being drenched in the sauce for too long.

Cheaper than McDonald’s version

And here’s what Long John Silver’s version of salted egg yolk fries look like, complete with small slices of chilli padi.

via Singapore Atrium Sale


And at a grand total of S$3.60, it costs slightly lesser than McDonald’s salted egg yolk loaded fries (S$4.10 á la carte).

Off-menu item

In case you didn’t know, LJS’s salted egg yolk fries is an off-menu item.

The admin behind Singapore Atrium Sale reminded his followers in a comment to not ask for “salted egg fries” directly from the counter as some of the counter staff will be left “clueless”.


Read the full post here:

All images from Singapore Atrium Sale’s Facebook page

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