Li Chun on Feb. 4, 2019: Here are the auspicious hours to deposit your money

Huat ah!

Zhangxin Zheng | January 7, 11:42 am


The first day of the Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 5, 2019.

And the auspicious day of Li Chun falls on the eve of Chinese New Year, Feb. 4.


Li Chun was traditionally an important day for farmers in China as they would pray for a good harvest with spring’s arrival.

But there is not much agriculture these days, so the tradition evolved into making deposits at one’s bank account symbolising bountiful wealth in the upcoming year.

Different zodiacs will, however, have their own sets of auspicious timeslots:

Lucky colours included, good luck.

Top photo courtesy of Noorul Raaha As’art.

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