New leaks reveal possible 3-camera iPhone coming up


Nyi Nyi Thet | January 7, 04:17 pm

Apple has been going through some rough times recently.

They basically lost the equivalent of Facebook’s value over the last few months.

It is during these troubling times that renders of Apple’s newest iPhone have leaked.

Here they are.

Screenshot from Digit

The obvious change that these renders suggest is the shift to a triple-camera setup.

Coincidentally, Apple’s biggest competitors, Samsung, released their own triple-camera offering last year, with their Sasmung Galaxy A7.

Unlike the A7 though, Apple’s camera seems to involve a triangular setup instead of a straight-line setup of the A7.

While the leaks also show the name XI, it is almost definitely not going to be the new name for the phone.

Tipster Onleaks, and Digit, also stressed that the phone render is currently of the iPhone in an Engineer’s Validation Stage, so the design might be altered at some point.

The new iPhones are expected to launch in September 2019.

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