This insanely realistic Japanese model is actually entirely computer-generated

Crazy realistic.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 20, 01:27 pm


Here are some pictures of up-and-coming Japanese model imma.

Her style and striking looks make her a natural fit on Instagram.

She even has the classic polaroid shot on Instagram trope down.

And that blurry mirror selfie.

Only thing is, she isn’t an actual person.


The company representing her, ModelingCafe, isn’t a modelling agency per se.

It is actually a company that specialises in 3-D renderings.

Some of their listed works include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and Final Fantasy.

The renders are so good that close-ups do little to shatter the illusion of an actual human being.

How though?

According to SoraNews, one of the reasons the company credits for the photorealistic imma is the involvement of their female employees in crafting it.

“ModelingCafe felt that its male staff’s lack of personal experience with cosmetics would prevent them from achieving the realistic results its female artists could.”

The ultimate goal is to insert imma into live scenarios using real-time animation, but to the point where she is no different from an actual human being.


Image collated from imma’s Instagram

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