Natural bird’s nest site in Sabah is also home to a nightmarish amount of cockroaches

Don't think of this while enjoying your bird's nest soup.

Fasiha Nazren | January 27, 2019 @ 10:13 pm


It’s safe to say that cockroaches are not the most well-liked animals.

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Caves filled with thousands of cockroaches

But there’s a cave in Malaysia where you can tour and see the ecosystem in it, which includes a lot of cockroaches.

And by a lot, we really mean a lot.

RM30 per entry

Gomantong Cave is a limestone cave in Gomantong Forest Reserve, Sabah.

The entrance fee to Gomantong Cave costs RM30 (S$9.85) for non-locals and RM5 (S$1.64) for locals.

Although the cave is dark, you can still can see cockroaches and hear their loud hissing.

Hear it for yourself below:

Tourists are also advised to cover themselves from head to toe, or else this might happen:

Home to centipedes and bats

Apart from cockroaches, Gomantong Cave also has other creepy crawlies like centipedes:

And the cave apparently reeks of bat faeces because it is home to a colony of bats too.

Which are sometimes eaten by cockroaches:

Natural bird’s nest site

Creepy crawlies aside, the cave is also home to one of the biggest natural bird’s nest sites in the world.

The harvesting season is between February to April and July to September.

There are two kinds of birds nest available, the black nest which can go from RM3,000 (S$984.78) to RM4,000 (S$1,313.04) for a kilogram

And the more expensive white nest, which contains mostly bird saliva and can fetch between RM7,000 (S$2,297.82) to RM12,000 (S$3,939.12) per kilogram.

Harvesters will camp in the cave, surrounding themselves with cockroaches and bats, so that no one will steal their allotments of bird’s nest.

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Top image from @gbackerra and @christa.gockel on Instagram

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