Fragrance brand cookies, tarts, & salted egg snacks on discount at Woodlands factory sale till Feb. 4, 2019

Just in time for Chinese New Year.

Joshua Lee | January 5, 11:40 am

If you’re looking to stock up on Chinese New Year (CNY) snacks, this might be useful.

Fragrance Foodstuff is currently having a factory sale where you can get CNY snacks at discounted prices.

Here are the items on sale:

Salted egg products

  • Golden Crisps Salted Egg Fish Skin (one for S$12, two for S$20)
  • Fragrance Salted Egg Fish Skin (four for S$20 – usual price S$6.80/packet)
  • Fragrance Salted Egg Fish Skin – Mala (one for S$9.90, two for S$18.00 – usual price S$10.80/packet)
  • Fragrance Salted Egg Tapioca Chips (one for S$6.80, two for S$10.00 – usual price S$6.80)
  • Fragrance Salted Egg Potato Chips (one for S$7.50, two for S$12.00 – usual price S$8.05/packet)
  • Fragrance Salted Egg Potato Sticks (one for S$7.50, two for S$12.00 – usual price S$8.05/packet)

Buy one get one free

  • Fragrance Prawn Roll (usual price S$23.60)
  • Fragrance Pineapple Tarts (S$16.00)
  • Fragrance Cashewnut Cookies (S$14.00)
Prawn roll.
Fragrance Cashewnut Cookies

One for S$10.80, two for S$19.00

  • Fragrance Samosa
  • Fragrance Pistachios
  • Fragrance Roasted Cashew Nut
Pistachios and roasted cashew nuts.

One for S$7.50, two for S$14.00

  • Fragrance Almond Cookies
  • Fragrance Melting Almond
  • Fragrance Makmur Cookies
  • Fragrance Pumpkin Seed Cookies
  • Fragrance Bangkit Cookies
  • Fragrance Peanut Almond Cookies

One for S$8.50, two for S$16.00

  • Fragrance Bangkit Cookies
  • Fragrance Pineapple Tart
  • Fragrance Peanut Puff
  • Fragrance Peanut Cookies
  • Fragrance Yam Cookies


  • Fragrance Crispy Wafer (S$19.80)
  • Fragrance Assorted Jelly Sweet (one for S$10.80, two for S$19.00)
  • Fragrance Assorted Preserved Fruits (one for S$10.80, two for S$19.00)
Assorted jelly sweets.

According to Fragrance Foodstuff, they will be selling their signature bak kwa at warehouse prices too. However, as bak kwa prices differ throughout the CNY season, they are not able to advise on a set price now.

Fragrance bak kwa.

Sale details:

Period: Now until February 4, 2019

Time: 9am – 8.30pm daily. The sale ends on February 4, 3pm.

Venue: 60 Woodlands Terrace, Woodlands East Industrial Estate, Singapore 738466 (map)

All images courtesy of Fragrance Foodstuff.

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