Dozens of cockroaches hid in landline phone in Sydney, discovered by unwitting man


Mandy How| January 09, 07:20 PM

A man in Sydney, Australia, has reportedly found a whole host of cockroaches hiding in a landline phone as he was inspecting a home.

A video of the discovery was subsequently uploaded to ViralHog's YouTube account on Jan. 8, 2019.

Warning: Unsettling visuals ahead

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Ok. Here it is:

We usually make a gif for the data-strapped, but we really don't want to risk vomiting on the keyboard.

According to The Daily Mail, the man had inspected the landline phone as he thought it looked dirty and non-functional.

As for why the infestation occurred at that particular spot, one YouTuber user believes she has the answer:

Although the comment remains unverified, a Straits Times article on Feb. 1, 2018, explains that telephone receivers and wall sockets are ideal breeding grounds for cockroaches.

These spots are dark, humid, and provide easy access to food and water.

Eww eww eww.

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Top image via ViralHog/ YouTube