Veteran actor Chen Shucheng chokes back tears as he recalls times with Aloysius Pang

He recounted how caring Aloysius was.

Kayla Wong | January 24, 08:23 pm


Local actors Chen Shucheng and Carrie Wong have spoken up on the loss of fellow actor Aloysius Pang, who recently passed away in a training incident.

“Remarkable young man”

Singaporean veteran actor and host Chen, in a video interview with Channel 8, could not hold back tears when he recounted the times he had with Pang.

Chen said Pang was a remarkable young man who cared for others and respected the elderly.

Here is a translation of what he said:

“We both acted in 长辈甜心 (Zhang Bei Tian Xin, Super Senior)… We went out to sea and scuba-dived.

There was no filming that day. After we came back, we all said our skin felt scratched and painful.

Once we reached the shore, he gave everyone a bottle of lotion each.

Later I knew that (pause), he used his overseas allowance to buy those.

He couldn’t buy for all the staff members and actors, as there were simply too many.

I felt very touched when I knew that.

At that time, I thought that he was a caring person who respects the elderly a lot.

And so, I had quite a deep impression of him.

(Before) he went for reservist in New Zealand, we met up at our usual place to have tea.

He told me many things at that time.

He had a lot of aspirations for the future.

He said as his parents are getting old (pause), he wants to fulfil his duty as a child.

He hopes that after coming back from his reservist, he can accept more jobs so he can save up even more.

So I feel that he’s a really remarkable youth, and I feel particularly heartbroken and pained (over his death).”

“An honour to have worked with him”

Carrie Wong, Pang’s co-star for the romantic drama One in a Million, which he was supposed to shoot after Chinese New Year this year, also gave her thoughts on him.

Like Chen, she had to pause and try to hold back her tears.

She told Channel 8 in a video interview:

“He was a very positive person. He was very well-behaved, very hardworking, and very talented.

He was nice to everyone around him and was professional in his work. He was very considerate too.

It was truly my honour to have collaborated with him on so many shows for the past three years.

I thank him for taking care of me and all the other staff members.

I thank him for being such a good role model.

I still hope he could come back and shoot the show (pause).

I’ve worked together with him so many times, but I know I would never get bored no matter how many times I work with him, because he’s such a professional and innovative actor.

He would constantly improve himself.

So I felt at ease whenever I worked with him, and I would still look forward to working with him (no matter how many times it has been).

I’ll work hard at finishing this show for him.

You can watch their interviews here:

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