Aloysius Pang would set aside 10% of monthly pay to thank producers & crew: Celebrities honour actor with memories & stories

We share the touching moments from Felica Chin, Kym Ng, Carrie Wong, Shane Pow, Chen Shu Cheng, Hong Huifang.

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More than 75,000 people tuned in live to watch the eulogies delivered Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang’s wake on both NoonTalk Media and Channel 8 WorldNews Facebook pages.

From 1.30pm on Jan. 27, family members, celebrities and media industry leaders spoke for more than an hour in memory of Pang.

Friends of Aloysius Pang to deliver eulogies at memorial service, to be streamed live at 1.30pm tomorrow

The first to speak was Pang’s older brother, Jefferson Pang, followed by numerous friends.

“Mom’s tears was his kryptonite”: Aloysius Pang’s brother delivers heartfelt eulogy on behalf of family

Here’s an excerpt of their eulogies.

Kym Ng

The second was Mediacorp host and actress, Kym Ng.

Ng recalls that she’s worked twice with Pang, who played the role of her son on both occasions.

They would joke with each other, but Pang never called her “mum” outside of filming, because he didn’t want her to feel old.

Instead, he would address her respectfully as an older sister.

Pang even played table tennis with Ng after he found out that she likes the sport.

Once, during a gathering, Ng recounts how Pang was the only one who came and talked to her when she was drunk.

They ended up chatting for the entire night, until dawn broke.

Ng added that Pang was genuine and sincere, and was always working hard because he wanted to support his parents.

Ng also said that she loved Aloysius, as he was “very sensible, very thoughtful, very dedicated.”

“I will miss you, Aloysius. I will miss your smile, your big eyes, and the gentleness in your voice when you talk. Farewell.”

Chen Shu Cheng

Chen started by saying he treats everyone that he has met as a friend.

Pang, however, was the only one who walked into his heart.

In tears, Chen said,

“I came today, because I want to tell him I can’t bear to let him go, I will remember him in my heart. I hope he has a good journey.”

Veteran actor Chen Shucheng chokes back tears as he recalls times with Aloysius Pang

Chen also thanked Pang for his gift that he just received 20 minutes ago. He turned around, looked at the late Pang and told him that he would use the gift regularly.

Hong Huifang

Hong knew Pang when he was 12, and from talking to Pang’s mother and working with him, learned that he was a smart, mentally agile, and talented boy.

Hong recounted the same incident Chen did — that Pang bought aloe vera gel for the seniors while they were filming in Bintan, as they were all sunburnt.

When Hong didn’t go out for lunch, Pang would buy some food for her, in case she got hungry.

When Hong’s child was in the rebellious phase, Pang told her not to worry, and offered to counsel and guide him.

Hong once told him, “You are the child that every parent wants.”

“Now that you are gone, I believe you are an angel, guarding your family and everyone around you. We will miss you. We all love you so much. We will forever remember you, your sunshine smile, positive character, it’s all in our hearts.

(Crying) Rest in peace, Aloy. Have a smooth journey ahead.”

Shane Pow

Pow recalled many memories of Pang and himself together.

At the end of his speech, Pow said that Pang was a highly logical person, and urged everyone on behalf of Pang to not be sad.

“Angels won’t stay too long on earth, I hope everyone can give him the biggest applause to send him off.”

Joyce (director)

The day before Pang left for New Zealand, he had a meal with Joyce.

In their conversations, Pang would always talk about his parents and how he wants to take care of them.

It was also during that meal that Pang finally showed her the two short films that she had been waiting about a year for. He wanted to be a director, Joyce added.

Joyce also revealed that Pang had a special relationship with Chen (Shu Cheng), as the young actor felt like he learned a lot from Chen.

Pang had even passed him some tea that Joyce had given him.

Furthermore, when meeting up with Joyce, Pang would always ask to eat something cheaper, like laksa or prawn noodles, as he wanted to help her save money.

His most important criterion for a girlfriend/wife is that she must be filial to his parents, he had told Joyce.

Joyce hoped that Singaporeans can remember Pang by watching his outstanding shows.

Felicia Chin

Chin said that Pang was one of the most compassionate persons she has ever met.

He would take the time to stop and care, even if the other person could never give him anything in return.

Once, at an outdoor shoot when everyone was perspiring, he noticed that the makeup artist had a portable fan with them, and asked where they got it from.

Afterwards, he even asked the makeup artist to buy eight more fans on his behalf, for the rest of the crew.

Pang would also set aside 10 per cent of his pay every month to thank the production people

“It moves me a lot,” Chin added.

A few months ago, Chin was travelling in Mongolia with Pang for a show.

When they went bowling, the actress learnt that Pang had injured his finger while practising the sport for another role.

Despite working so hard, Pang always remained “humble and unassuming”, and “never complains, never whines, [and] never boasts”, but just gave his best.

Carrie Wong

Wong has acted with Pang in five shows over the past three years.

Describing him as a “very very kind” person, Wong recalls how Pang would visit the special needs children when they were filming in the hospital.

He would buy them drinks.

The moment these children saw Pang walkings towards them, they would shout, “Aloy kor kor!”

Wong also said that Pang takes care of everyone, from crew to cast and even the calefares.

She promised to fulfil his dream together with their friends.

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