Aloysius Pang’s 2015 single ‘Black Tears’ is now the top song on Apple iTunes S’pore

Pang's old song reflected the sombre mood at the wake.

Martino Tan | January 27, 09:28 pm


Singaporean actor and fallen soldier Aloysius Pang’s 2015 single, ‘Black Tears’, is now number one on the Singapore Apple iTunes charts today.

Source: Apple iTunes.

Pang’s 2015 song beat “Hello My Love”, a song by Irish pop vocal band Westlife that was released on Jan, 10, 2019.

Pang’s old song must have touched many older Singaporeans’ hearts (because the younger Singaporeans are on Spotify!) for it to be more popular than Westlife’s first official single in eight years.

Earlier today at 5pm, Pang’s song was ranked number two.

Song played at Pang’s memorial

The song was played at the conclusion of Pang’s memorial that started at 1.30pm on Jan. 27.

Family members, celebrities and media industry leaders spoke for more than an hour in memory of Pang, with more than 75,000 people tuning in live to watch the eulogies delivered on both NoonTalk Media and Channel 8 WorldNews Facebook pages.

Pang’s friend also paid tribute to him with a rendition of “Black Tears” at the wake.

Pang’s debut song

“Black Tears” was Pang’s debut song in 2015.

Below are a few behind-the-scenes photos of his recording:


Top photo from NoonTalk Youtube

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