Friends of Aloysius Pang to deliver eulogies at memorial service, to be streamed live at 1.30pm tomorrow

The live streaming will be on NoonTalk Facebook page.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 26, 11:20 pm


Members of the public have been streaming into MacPherson Lane to pay respect to well-loved late Singaporean actor, Aloysius Pang, since noon on Jan. 26.

In the afternoon, the line of mourners extended way beyond the tentage at 82A MacPherson Lane and snaked all the way out to the pavement parallel to the main road.

Thousands of S’poreans young & old pay last respects to fallen soldier Aloysius Pang

Memorial service on Jan. 27

The agency representing the late Pang, NoonTalk Media, in a Facebook post, provided details about the memorial service for Pang tomorrow (Jan. 27).

The memorial service will be held at 1.30 pm where friends and colleagues of Pang will be delivering their eulogies.

There will be live streaming of the memorial service on NoonTalk Media’s Facebook page.

Watch the live stream here:

According to 8world News Facebook live on Jan. 26 evening, it is likely to be a private session.

However, members of the public can observe the proceedings outside the main hall.

This is likely to be the last opportunity for the public to accompany Pang in his final moments.

Subsequently, Pang will be accorded the full honours of a military funeral.

The cremation ceremony will be held at Mandai Crematorium which will not be opened to the public.

Visitors are still streaming in

According to 8world News Facebook live, visitors are still streaming into the venue to pay respect to Pang in an orderly manner.

Mediacorp management, co-workers from Chinese drama department as well as other artistes such as Rebecca Lim and Richard Low arrived at the wake in the evening.

Members of the public can still pay their respect tonight before the public wake will end tomorrow noon.

Screenshot from 8world News Facebook Live.
Screenshot from 8world News Facebook Live.

Speaking to 8world News, ex-Mediacorp actress, Huang Biren, recalled Pang as someone of few words, very polite, conscientious at work and she likes him very much.

Huang first worked with Pang back in a 2003 drama called A Child’s Hope.

Pang was 11-year-old then.

The two acted in the same drama again in 2015’s Tiger Mum.

You can watch the full interview here:

Heres the full 8world News Facebook live here:

Top photo collage from NoonTalk Media and Mothership.sg


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Zoe Tay said between tears at Aloysius Pang’s wake: “This is really very regrettable”

Top photo collage from NoonTalk Media and Mothership.sg

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