Netizens furious after influencer laughs at Aloysius Pang's wake, prompts apology from grieving influencer


Nyi Nyi Thet | January 27, 2019, 11:19 AM

While we saw an outpouring of grief at Aloysius Pang's wake, it is important to establish you can still laugh and show different emotions from perpetual sadness while grieving.

This PSA was made necessary after a photo from Today garnered some really perplexing controversy.

Here is the photo in question by Today:

In case you can't see it.

Image from Today

This prompted some really terrible comments on Instagram as well.

Screenshots from Today's Instagram

Screenshot from Today

Some, however, rightfully pointed out that this was a snapshot in time, and that it seems really asinine to police how someone grieves.

Especially when that someone knew the deceased, and isn't just a fan or a netizen looking in.

Screenshot from Today's Facebook

That's right, this almost non-issue was blown up to such proportions that the person who laughed, influencer Soh Peishi, had to respond.

Here's her Insta-story apology.

Image from Soh's Instagram

As expected, the laughter was due to friends reminiscing over happy memories they were sharing of their friend who had passed.

You know, like normal people do.

It got so bad that Pang's girlfriend, who is also Soh's friend, had to step in and give her two cents.

Here's what Jayley Woo wrote on her own Instagram Stories:

Image from Woo's Instagram

The takeaway being this.

"It's only human to laugh, and cry, and smile, at the same time."

It's not a drama after all.

Image from Today and Soh's Instagram