Photo of S$9.7 million cheque for single Group 1 Toto winner on Jan. 3. 2019 wows pants off but unconfirmed if real

Insane luck.

Mandy How | January 5, 06:53 pm

Editor’s note: This article has been updated for clarity as it is not confirmed if the cheque shown had been doctored.

Update on Jan. 8: Mothership.sg has contacted Singapore Pools via email and phone to verify whether the cheque shown has been doctored. Singapore Pools declined to comment on the matter.

On Jan. 3, one person in Singapore won a whopping S$9.7 million in Toto winnings:

S$9.7 million in Jan. 3, 2019 Toto is biggest amount won by one person in S’pore ever

Two days after the lucky win, photos of the alleged ticket and cheque began circulating online, although it is unlikely that the people who posted it actually won the prize.

Here’s the winning lottery slip, first found on local forum Hardware Zone (HWZ) and later Facebook group JB吹水站:

Photo via Hardware Zone

The third combination on the slip matches the winning numbers for the day:

And here’s the alleged cheque for exactly S$9,731,377:

Photo via Hardware Zone

One Facebook user, however, questioned the wisdom of putting such photos online:

Screenshot via JB吹水站/Facebook

“Just keep quiet if you’ve won it. Putting it on the internet like this is very dangerous.”

Another HardwareZone forum user pointed out just how lucky the winner really was, considering the odds:

Screenshot via HWZ

Winning odds

If you’re curious, here are the odds for Toto.

Bets start from a minimum of S$1 for an ordinary bet, which gives you a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning (if your eyes blur that’s almost 14 million).

In this scenario, you would have to pick all six of the winning numbers to qualify for jackpot.

However, should you choose to buy system bets, your chances increase, well, not exponentially, but somewhat significantly.

Naturally, your bet money will increase as well.

System 7, for example, allows you to pick seven numbers instead of six, thereby giving you seven winning combinations instead of one.

This gives you an estimated 1 in 2,000,000 chance for S$7.

This goes all the way to System 12, where you end up paying S$924 for a 1 in 15,134 chance of winning the Group 1 prize jackpot.

But we are really just in awe at the S$9.7 million cheque.

And the ordinary six-number QuickPick selection.

Not confirmed real

However, not everyone is convinced this cheque is real as it appears to have some parts doctored or unclear.

One explanation is that the signature is covered and it cannot be confirmed if it is indeed signed by someone within Singapore Pools.

There is also scepticism that the winner would post such a photo online, given how substantial the winnings are.

Top image via HWZ

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