Worms allegedly found in water supply of 2 homes in single Ang Mo Kio block

No worms found in the water tanks and pump room though.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 18, 2018 @ 03:47 pm

The New Paper (TNP) reported on Dec. 18 that worms were supposedly found in the water supply of Block 472 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, on two occasions.

This prompted checks by the town council.

Two homes affected

Two residents interviewed by Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) shared their encounters with worms in their water.

One 32-year-old resident, known as Ms Zhang, told SMDN that her domestic helper saw a worm in the water that came out from the tap as she washed milk bottles at 10pm on Dec. 6.

The worm was about four to five centimetres long.

Zhang reported the matter to the town council and  has since started boiling water for consumption.

SMDN interviewed another resident, Mr Lin, who stays on the 11th floor of the same block.

Lin shared that his wife saw a worm in the toilet bowl a few weeks ago. However, Lin was not too concerned as his family uses a water filter for potable water.

No worms in water tanks and pump room

PUB and Ang Mo Kio Town Council confirmed in a statement that they were informed of a worm found in a glass of water from a resident’s tap on Dec. 6.

The statement also said that the water supply from the resident’s unit was clean.

No worms were found in the water tank and pump room after a check was conducted on the next day (Dec. 7) but the town council cleaned the water tanks and pump room as a precautionary measure.

No reports were made by other residents of the block.

From the photo taken by Zhang of the worm that her helper saw, PUB said that it was likely to be an earthworm that came from the surroundings.

H/T: The New Paper

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