Man in Thailand has 4 wives who don’t mind sharing him

His first wife says she's proud of him.

Kayla Wong | December 6, 2018 @ 09:40 pm


A Thai man has four wives who don’t mind sharing him with each other.

Happily ever after

According to Malaysian Chinese news site China Press, the husband initially went viral on the Internet for having three wives.

Perhaps not content with a crowd, the man recently gained a new wife.

Image via Waraphon Pruksawan/FB

Polygamy, which is having more than one husband or wife, has been banned in Thailand since 1935.

Image via Waraphon Pruksawan/FB

That particular ruling means only his first wife, Waraphon Pruksawan, is legally married to him.

Despite this, all the children born to him and his other ‘wives’ take his surname.

First wife proud of him

Pruksawan said it is better for her husband to be open about his relationships with women, rather than having an affair behind her back.

She also asked netizens to not worry about her.

Image via Waraphon Pruksawan/FB

She added that before Pruksawan takes on a new wife, he has to get her permission first.

Saying that she married him not for money, but because they have been through a lot together, Pruksawan said “the entire family loves one another”.

“I’m proud of my husband.”

Image via Waraphon Pruksawan/FB

Netizens react

Some male netizens voiced their envy for the man’s relationships with four women, while many disparaged their looks, saying they do not look like the gender they are ‘supposed’ to be.

Screenshot via China Press

I’m envious.

Screenshot via China Press

This husband has the face of a woman. He doesn’t look like a real man.

Screenshot via China Press

The rich can do whatever they want.

The family is not the only one in Thailand practicing polygamy.

42-year-old Manop Nuttayothin has two wives.

Translation (via Nextshark):

“People are bragging about their husbands on Facebook. Well, my husband happens to have two wives!

It’s been years and I’ve never changed my mind with you. The only thing that  has changed is the size of our boobs, 600cc and 450cc.

You love them.”

Nextshark reported that the family with nine children (three were from his deceased first wife) often appear on Thai television, advising Thai viewers on how to have a long and happy marriage.

Top image via Waraphon Pruksawan/FB

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