Video shows aftermath of Pasir Ris 'cyclist vs lorry driver' incident: Cyclist snatches phone from driver

The aftermath.

Jonathan Lim| December 24, 11:18 AM

Unless you've slept through the entire weekend, you'd definitely know about the incident involving a road bike cyclist and lorry driver.


Cyclist did not keep left on the road and obstructed the faster moving lorry from overtaking him.

When the lorry tried, for a third time, to overtake the cyclist, the cyclist hit the lorry's side mirror.

The lorry then swerved into the cyclist's path causing him to tumble onto a grass patch by the roadside.

Video of the incident on goes on to be viewed 1.9 million times in two days.

Now, a second video that captured part of the aftermath of the incident has surfaced.

It shows the cyclist and his companion by the roadside with a third individual which identified as the lorry driver.

The cyclist looked like he was in discomfort as he bent over.

The lorry driver looked like he was holding up a mobile phone, which he pointed at the cyclist.

The cyclist then snatched the mobile phone from the driver and waved his finger at him.

The driver extended his hand forward asking for his phone back.

The cyclist then put the phone into the driver's front pocket instead of into his extended hand.

Here's the full video on

No sympathy

Comments on's post were largely against the cyclist.

Others expressed support for the lorry driver.

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