Limited edition S’pore otter pins sold online

While stock lasts.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 24, 2018 @ 02:39 pm

The otter community page, Ottercity, has released four designs of pins on Dec. 24 morning.

Each pin is about the size of a 50-cent coin — 25mm in diameter and 1.8mm thickness.


The designs include three otter personalities, which Singaporeans and otter fans are more familiar with.

Each pin costs S$9.50.

1. Aquarius from the Pasir Ris family

At around eight-month-old, Aquarius the otter made it to the news because of a deep laceration on its body.

It was later rescued for treatment in an operation which involved more than 20 people from multiple agencies.

Injured otter pup from Pasir Ris family treated & released

Here’s the pin design:

2. Bishan dad

There is also a pin design for Bishan dad which passed away in May this year.

Bishan dad was well remembered for leading a pack of 14 otters and gained their prime territory at Marina bay against the Marina otters back then.

The Bishan family has lived on well and recently welcomed its fifth generation of otter pups.

Bishan otter dad dies

Image from Ottercity

3. Toby from the Marina family

Toby was injured and rescued by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore back in 2016 when he was six-weeks-old.

He was found alone and injured by itself without its family before he was rescued and subsequently released back to join his family again.

6-week-old otter pup ZooToby feeling alright again thanks to humans at Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Here’s the pin:

Image from Ottercity

There’s also a pin for the otter following group, Ottercity, which costs S$5.50.

You can also purchase a set of all four pins at S$25.50.

You can find out more and get the pins here.

However, the order will take about one to two weeks to arrive so it might be too late for last minute Christmas exchange.

Top photo collage from the Ottercity.

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