Popular creme brulee & red wine soft serves from Hokkaido now available in Tanjong Pagar

More things to try.

Mandy How | December 05, 2018, 01:27 PM

F&B retailers are happily slapping the word "Hokkaido" left and right on their products these days.

But Naganuma Ice Co., a popular soft serve brand from Hokkaido, actually looks pretty legit.

Probably because it's actually from Hokkaido.

The brand uses 100 per cent raw Hokkaido milk, which is apparently creamier and more intense than regular milk.

Here are some highlights from their menu.

Variety of flavours

The Creme Brulee Rich Milk Soft Serve (S$8) is made with rich milk soft serve beneath a layer of crème brulee:

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Crème Brulee Soft Serve scoopin' up hot AND cold. Custard on top, Rich Milk Soft Serve at the bottom. Can we get more decadent than this? Opening promo $6 UP$8 from 1 - 6 Dec just for you

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The custard, sprinkled with sugar and torched, makes it a hot and cold dessert.

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🍦Creme Brûlée soft serve🍦How cool is that😍Coming your way soon in Dec is Hokkaido’s no 1 soft serve from @naganumaiceco 🎉 . Made from 100% raw milk... you can expect flavors such as this creme brûlée/ red wine/ pumpkin/ milk soft serve. They also have Gelatos with flavors such as Yame Matcha , Yubari Melon , Double Cheese.🧀🍓🍇🍈 . You can catch them at their pop up store at Isetan Scotts, B1 supermarket from 23 Nov- 6 Dec, 10am-8.30pm . . . . . . #tslmakan #8dayseat #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #hungrygowhere #eatoutsg #burpplesg #burpple #sgeats #sgfoodblogger #instafood_sg #feedfeed #feedyoursoull #f52grams #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeedfood #sgig #exploresingapore #dessertvideo #naganumaice #yubarimelon #softserve #matchaicecream #matcha #cremebrulee

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The cone for this is an eggier option than the usual wafer cone.

The Red Wine Soft Serve (S$6, additional 50 cents for cone) is made from Japanese red wine.


Despite not having any alcohol content, this flavour has been a hit among customers.

Parfaits (S$8.50) are also available:

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. 1️⃣Softserve parfait [$8.50] 2️⃣ Creme brûlée softserve [$8] . . Apart from the wide range of Hokkaido gelato and softserve flavours, these 2 items featured here are exclusively available only in the soon-to-be opening Singapore outlet! ✨ The Softserve parfait comes with Hokkaido milk flavour by default, which I requested for a change to Red wine (my personal favourite flavour among all I tried), along with MATCHA sauce 💚! Served with a base of fresh whipped cream, mango jelly, crispy biscuit crumbs and lastly topped off with a stick of dark chocolate crunch, the softserve is smooth with a lighter body, less creamy and thick as compared to the gelato, which makes it more refreshing to the palate. The Red Wine softserve featured comes without alcohol, hence it’s safe for kids to consume as well! 👼🏻 Flavour is tangy and slightly fizzy, resembling a Kyoho grape flavoured calpis instead of an alcohol. Matcha sauce was unfortunately overshadowed by its tangy note 😅. Nevertheless, the other components - typically the dark chocolate crunch and sugar biscuit crumbles serve as a pleasant crunch factor to the smooth, icy delight! 👍🏻 Next up, the creme brûlée cone comes with a base of Hokkaido milk gelato, one that carries off a hint of dairy aroma albeit not too overwhelming, less milky as compared to the gelato, along with a middle layer of creamy, curd-like custard and lastly topped off with a layer of caramelised sugar that’s torched to an ideal crisp perfection (swipe to end to view)! 🤩 Imagine that sharp crackling sound as you nibble onto it!👂👂 I like how it wasn’t too overwhelming in sweetness intensity unlike what it seems to be, one that my tooth would gladly indulge in comfortably, with no regrets!💛 Do stay tune to my next post on the gelato flavours that’s offered here as well 🍨🍨! . . [PS: Although the stall is not officially open yet (tentatively in the first week of December), you can still visit them at their pop-up store at @isetansg scotts from 23rd Nov-6 Dec] . . Thanks @naganumaiceco for satisfying my sweet tooth greatly with an ice cream buffet 🍨🍦and @tastytested for extending the invite! 🙆🏻‍♀️ 💖 . . . . #burpple #sgfoodie #naganumaiceco

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🍦 [NEW] Naganuma Ice: Soft Serve and Gelato 🍦 Congratulations to Naganuma Ice on the opening of their first dessert outlet in Singapore at Carlton City Hotel! Naganuma Ice is the only company in Hokkaido recognised by the Hokkaido Office for the use of 100% Hokkaido raw milk and ingredients in the production of their naturally sweet and food additives-free gelato and soft serve. To celebrate this joyous event, Naganuma Ice is offering their Singapore-exclusive Crème Brûlée Rich Milk Soft Serve at a special price of $6 (usual price: S$8). Valid till 6 December 2018 (Thursday).🍦 🍦 Photo Feature: Soft Serve Parfait (S$8.50) Naganuma Ice Carlton City Hotel 1 Gopeng Street Singapore 078862 Tel No.: 6741 9108 http://icenoie.info/home-english.html https://www.facebook.com/naganumaiceco/ https://www.instagram.com/naganumaiceco #MsJaniceEats#MsJaniceEats_IceCream#MsJaniceEats_FoodTasting#MsJaniceEats_MediaInvite #burpple#parfait#NaganumaIce#あいすの家#アイスクリーム #icecream#softserve#dessert#desserts#dessertoftheday#icecreamcone#swirl#sweettreats#iceicebaby#sgfood#foodsg#sgfoodies#foodporn#foodgasm#foodiegram#foodpics#foodstagram#dessertinsider#dessertbae#dessertlover

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Otherwise, fall back on their classic Rich Milk Soft Serve (S$6, additional 50 cents for cone):

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Coming soon in December to our shore is this Hokkaido's No. 1 soft serve brand @naganumaiceco serving Gelato and soft serve using 100% Hokkaido raw milk. Catch a sneak peak at their products at their pop up store from 23rd Nov to 6th Dec and try out their products! #naganumaice #週三餓作劇 #foodpostwednesday #teampixel #madebygoogle

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They also have gelatos from S$5.50 for a single flavour cup, such as the Yubari Melon Gelato (a.k.a the well-known cantaloupe from Japan) and Matcha Gelato.

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. 1️⃣Double flavour Gelato [$6.50/ cup, $7/cone] 2️⃣Yame matcha [$7.50 single flavour cup, $8.50 double flavour] 3️⃣Softserve [$6/cup, $6.50/cone] . Flavours of gelato includes: Yame Matcha💚, Fresh Milk💛, Double Cheese, Strawberry Milk, Yubari Melon, Mango Yogurt, Haskap Yogurt❤️, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Banana, Azuki Beans. Among all that I’ve sampled, my top 3 personal favorite would be Yame Matcha, Fresh Milk and Haskap (honeyberry)Yogurt. Using a premium grade of Yame Matcha, I love how the characteristic earthy note is distinct, lingering albeit mellow here, coming with a subtle bitter undertone as well. Of course as a hardcore matchaholic I would prefer it to be more intense but I am glad that the flavour is still distinct and not too milky! ✨ I paired it with the Haskap yogurt which’s pretty similar to a mixed berry yogurt, coming with a tangy, refreshing note. The fresh milk here is definitely stronger in its dairy flavour as compared to the softserve, creamier and more lasting to the palate with a heavier body. Using fresh 100% pure Hokkaido milk, the characteristic dairy aroma was also more prominent and lingering here, one that I surprisingly enjoyed especially since I wasn’t a huge fan of milk gelato in the first place. The chocolate flavourwas not bad as well, semi-dark and not too sweet, embedded with cocoa nibs within that added a pleasant crisp mouthfeel. Texture of these freshly churned gelato are smooth, creamy but beware that it melts rather fast as compared to the softserve! 💥 Softserve flavours that we tried the other day includes: Red Wine❤️, Rich Milk, Strawberry and Ebisu Pumpkin. Featured here is the Red Wine that’s without alcohol hence suitable for all ages! 😉 . . 💌: @naganumaiceco @tastytested 2️⃣📸: @tastytested . [PS: In case you are eagerly waiting to try these softserve and gelato flavours before the official opening, they are available now from 23rd Nov-6th Dec at @isetansg scotts] . . . . #burpple #naganumaiceco #sgfoodie

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Carlton City Hotel, 1 Gopeng Street (ground floor, behind the hotel), Singapore 078862

Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A

Opening Hours:

11am - 9pm, daily

Top image from @naganumaiceco on Instagram