Westerners in shock & awe at S'pore hotel's room service robot


Nyi Nyi Thet | December 03, 2018, 04:56 PM

When Twitter user @Queenmaryking recently travelled to Singapore, she ordered room service from the hotel she was staying in.

This was what greeted her.

And here it is scooting along its merry way (second video).

The first video has garnered over 4,600 retweets and 271,000 views.

Shock and awe

Many westerners were gobsmacked by this technological game-changer.

With some pointing out that you don't really need to close the robot.

And because it's the west, questions of workforce being overtaken by the machines reared its head.

This initiative however, isn't even all that new in the first place.

Introduced in 2017

Hotel Jen, which appears to be the hotel the Twitter user was staying in, has had this nifty little service for a while now.

The first two robots, adorably named Jeno and Jena, were introduced back in November 2017.

Here is one of them waiting for the elevator.

Here is an out-of-context super creepy gif of the robot making his way up.

And here's what the process looks like from the customer's perspective.

And there's even different iterations of such service robots in M Hotel.

According to Hotel Management, here is how the robots work.

The robots wait at the lobby. When an order is received, a human staff places the objects, be it food, or products, onto the robot, and sends it on its way.

The guest can expect the package around 15 minutes after the robot is sent.

And just in case you were wondering, the robot doesn't actually knock on the door, an automated call is made when it reaches the room.


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