Han Hui Hui, who’s pregnant, applied for a flat in Yishun

She applied under the Parenthood Priority Scheme.

Martino Tan | December 23, 2018 @ 10:29 pm


Recently, we learnt that Han Hui Hui, blogger-activist and former Radin Mas SMC candidate in GE2015, is pregnant.

Bloggervist Han Hui Hui reveals she is pregnant

Applied for a flat in Yishun

Now, we also learnt that Han is doing a very Singaporean thing, which is to apply for a HDB flat.

According to Han’s Facebook post, she has applied for a three-room flat at Melody Spring in Yishun.

Source: Han Hui Hui Facebook.

Melody Spring is at the far end of Yishun Ave 1 and 8, which is not exactly close to the Yishun MRT.

However, it is surrounded by educational institutions such as North View Primary School, Huamin Primary School, Yishun Town Secondary School and Xishan Primary School.

From the artist’s impression, Melody Spring appears to be an oasis of calm, away from the noisy bustle of Hong Lim Park on a Saturday afternoon during a protest.

Source: HDB website.

The HDB website stated that Melody Spring is “inspired by the nearby Lower Seletar Reservoir and other nature spots found within the town” and is designed with lush landscaping.

Source:: HDB website.

Han pessimistic about her flat application

Like some Singaporeans, Han is pessimistic about getting her dream HDB flat though.

This is despite the fact that Han is considered for priority under HDB’s Parenthood Priority Scheme (PPS).

The PPS gives priority allocation for new HDB flats to first-timer married couples with a citizen child below the age of 16, by setting aside a proportion of flats for them.

In other words, up to 30 percent of BTO units and 50 percent of SBF units are allocated to applicants under this scheme.

Since Han is applying for a three-room flat, she has a pretty decent chance of getting the flat.

As of Nov. 19, there are 119 applicants for 96 three-room units

Source: HDB website.

Moreover, the HDB letter informed Han that even if she was unsuccessful under her PPS scheme for the 30 percent of the flat supply, her application will be balloted a second time.

New BTO flats in Yishun under-subscribed, but no, it’s not because it’s Yishun

Pessimism escalated quickly, becomes a Hong Lim Park protest

Unfortunately, Han may have viewed the Singapore world from a glass half-empty perspective, lamenting that her poor baby might have to stay at Hong Lim Park if she is unsuccessful.

Hence, she reminded her followers that she would be protesting at Hong Lim Park on May 4, June 16, and July 27 next year.

However, if she actually manages to get her flat in Yishun, will she find a full-time job to service her housing installments?

There is a widely quoted maxim that any person who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any person who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.

In a way, Han’s latest middle-class conservative concerns — giving birth in a C class ward, not having a HDB flat before she gives birth — are strangely familiar to the average Singaporeans.

Who knows? Her new life experiences could make her a more persuasive activist in future.

Top photo from Han Hui Hui Facebook page.

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