Man writes Today forum letter complaining Causeway jam caused by ICA, roasted by everyone for going JB

The reason it is jammed is because you are the jam.

Belmont Lay| December 19, 05:43 PM

A man in Singapore was agitated enough to pen a lengthy forum letter to Today, which was published on Dec. 18, 2018.

His gripe?

The letter writer, Philip Wen Kai Long, was stuck at the Causeway at 1.30am on a Sunday morning, Dec. 16, and only inched his way in his vehicle -- and with a full bladder, presumably -- to the Singapore checkpoint at 4.15am.

This prolonged congestion occurred despite Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) putting up an advisory at 2.10am that day saying heavy arrival and departure traffic have "subsided".

And when Wen reached the Singapore side of the Causeway, he said he realised that there "was just one or two customs officer(s) checking cars at each of the booths".

He then wrote: "The human resources department of the ICA has some explaining to do."

This was so as the jam had started in the evening and he was pinning the blame on the ICA for his long wait by not opening up more booths.

Singaporeans react

But instead of having other Singaporeans commiserate with his plight or feeling sympathetic towards him, responses to Wen's letter proceeded to break out the wreaths as they roasted the letter writer to death for even going into Johor Bahru on a weekend and having the audacity to complain about it.

The counter argument?

The letter writer was not caught in a jam.

Because he was the jam.

Here are the best responses to the letter writer:

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