Auntie tased by S’pore police after wielding chopper outside neighbour’s window

She appeared to be unhappy with her neighbour.

Mandy How |Fasiha Nazren | December 26, 2018 @ 05:57 pm

A middle-aged woman armed with a weapon has been caught on video having a showdown with the Singapore police.

The incident was uploaded to YouTube on Dec 25, 2018, and shared on Facebook on Dec. 26.

It appears to have taken place along the corridor of a HDB block.

The tasing occurs at the 20-second mark, after the auntie hacked at the neighbour’s window with her chopper and sounds of glass shattering could be heard.

Here’s the moment (tasing not captured on camera as neighbour was thrown off by the auntie coming at him):

And here’s a rough transcript/ summary of what happened in the 5-minute 24-second video, translated from both Malay and Mandarin:

Woman in background: Your grandfather’s head lah!

Police officer: Auntie! Put it down! Now! Immediately!

Neighbour fiming: Screw this lady, she’s wielding her parang.

Woman in background: Take a photo.

Police officer: Last warning!

Neighbour filming: Take the photo, take the photo, no problem.

[Auntie goes at filming neighbour’s window with a chopper; neighbour shouts “Oi! Ni nabei”. Tasing sounds are heard.]

Neighbour filming: They shot her, they shot her, they shot her.

Man in background: Don’t open it, don’t open it.

Neighbour filming: She already fell off.

Woman in background: Come over here, I told you not to stand so close to the window.

[Various police officers shout “Auntie! Auntie!” as she sits on the ground, leaning against the corridor’s wall.]

Police officer: Auntie lie down!

Another police officer: Auntie stay down stay down stay down!

[Auntie gets up and starts shouting indiscernibly]

Man in background: She’s really, really drunk.

The rest of the video consists of a shouting match between the auntie and the police officer (“Auntie lie down!” “No way!” “Lie down!” “No way!!”).

At one point, the auntie points vaguely in the neighbour’s direction and shouted, “He/ she bully!”

Subsequently, one of the officers subdued the auntie by holding her and shouting at her to kneel down, although the auntie resisted.

The scene was filmed through what looks like a broken corridor-facing window.

Around the same time, the neighbour filming observes: “She’s pretty strong. She can still stand up after one shot. Ok, she’s down. She got back up, you see.”

After more struggling between the auntie and the police officers, an Indian man, presumably another neighbour, appears, acting as a mediator between the two parties.

In response to the auntie’s complaint, he kindly said: “Okay never mind, down here, this is all our friend only. They want to help only. They want to help.”

At this, the auntie seems to calm down a little, although her voice remains raised.

Towards the end of the video, the man continued to reassure the auntie, persuading her to allow the police officers to bring her home while she repeats while on the ground: “I want take my keys, I want to go home and sleep.”

Top image from CoinPusher Love/ YouTube

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