Vegetarian food stall in Shenton Way gives discreet 50% discount to workers in cleaning staff uniform

They are willing to work with other employers in the Shenton Way area to provide low cost food to those who need it.

Belmont Lay | November 14, 2018, 11:46 PM

Here's a nifty, discreet way to do some good without drawing too much attention to the cause:

Half price food

A vegetarian food stall in Shenton Way has resorted to giving 50 percent discounts for its food to workers who show up in their staff uniforms.

This group of workers consists of cleaners and housekeepers working in the nearby buildings.

The vegetarian food stall, Mummy Yummy Singapore, is located in the Shenton House building.

According to the post, the stall has been carrying out this half price initiative for the past two years by working with the employers of these low-waged staff.

It put up the Facebook post on Nov. 13 to inform other office workers about the price discrepancy.

This is so as some might have patronised the stall and witnessed the huge price difference these low-waged workers pay for their copious servings of food:

The idea of this post is to let all our customers understand why these aunties and uncles took so much food and paid so little compared to you.

The post also extended the offer of liaising with other employers in the area to provide a tie-up for low cost food for other blue-collared workers.

History of helping the less fortunate

According to The New Paper, Mummy Yummy has been helping the less well-off in Singapore since 2013.

That was when four best friends, who have known one another for more than 30 years, decided to set up a door-to-door food distribution network to give out free vegetarian food to needy elderly residents in Chinatown.

Mummy Yummy, which has three food stalls at Shenton House, Ang Mo Kio and Tampines, distributes free food at least once a month to 159 rental blocks in Singapore.

One of its founders, Ong Choon Hoy, 64, said: "It started when we took home-cooked vegetarian meals to the elderly people in Chinatown."

"Some of them could not even get out of their houses to get food for themselves."

"We realised that a lot of things go on behind the wealth in Singapore, that poverty exists and we believe in doing good."

Annie Chan, 38, the second generation owner of Mummy Yummy, works 12 to 13 hours a day running the business.

Ten of thousands of packets of free food given

Mummy Yummy has distributed food to 14,873 beneficiaries coming from 6,189 households.

About 15,500 packets of food have been given out as of April 2018.

Mummy Yummy also sells packets of food at S$1 each to the needy or beneficiaries at their stalls.

In April 2018, Mummy Yummy even started a free monthly buffet for seniors at Kebun Baru community club where over 70 elderly people are served vegan food.