Migrant workers in S'pore treated to hundreds of pizzas & donuts as Deepavali surprise

The pizzas were donated by the public.

Mandy How| November 07, 12:13 PM

Deepavali fell on Nov. 6 this year.

But many migrant workers in Singapore were unable to celebrate it with their families back in their home countries due to financial constraints.

It was reported that many migrant workers opt not to spend on buying a plane ticket home as they would rather remit the money back.

A local initiative Itsrainingraincoats, whose mission is to spread kindness to migrant workers, has stepped in to make things less difficult for these workers.

Surprising workers

On Nov. 5, volunteers distributed hundreds of pizzas and donuts to some migrant workers in Singapore who were toiling under the sun.

Here are some photos of the afternoon:

According to the Facebook post, the surprise was only made possible by the public's donation.

More than one festive giveaway

And this was not the only celebration Itsrainingraincoats has held.

For the past week, the community has been busy organising lunch and other giveaways for the migrant workers.

Goodies include cupcakes, data cards, water bottles, restaurant meals and more:

This initiative will continue all the way till Christmas, so hop over to their page and drop them a message if you would like to contribute.

More about the Itsrainingraincoats:

Top image from Itsrainingraincoats/Facebook