Hornbill in S'pore mercilessly devours pet bird on HDB unit window


Mandy How | November 09, 2018, 06:18 PM

Pet birds are precious.

And apparently also delicious to other birds.

A video uploaded to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff on November 9 shows one hornbill chomping quite merrily on what appears to be a pet bird:

In case you can't see:

The hornbill then flies to a higher ledge with its meal, where its companion was perching.

A shower of feathers float towards the ground as the hornbill adjusts its grip:

The first hornbill then passes the smaller bird to its companion:

The video ends with two satiated birds and one dead bird :(

Hornbill bit open bird cage

The video was accompanied by a man speaking in a mix of Hokkien and Mandarin.

Another voice can be heard conversing with him in the background.

Here's what he said, translated:

"Walau eh! That bird -- There's nobody upstairs! I went to knock on their door but there's nobody ah!

Wah, he flew up liao! Aiyo it bit it to death already. This bird [referring to the victim] very good one leh, this bird.

Walau eh!

Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Upstairs nobody knn [indiscernible].

Walau eh. Upstairs nobody, I went to knock but there's nobody!

It [the hornbill] bit open the bird cage.

That bird was a very good bird leh...

Don't know where these two birds came from."

And so on.

Victim likely a Jambul Bird

Judging by the empty cage and the bird's crest, the victim is likely a Jambul Bird.

Here's one:

Source: Birds Barter Singapore

A common pet in Singapore, the Jambul Bird sings well and feasts on worms, insects, fruits, and packaged bird food found in shops.

Hornbills are omnivores

Source: NParks Singapore

A hornbill, on the other hand, eats mainly fruit, but may also feed on insects and small animals from time to time.

They are known to forage in pairs or small groups.

Image collated from All Singapore Stuff