PSA: Weekend movie tickets at just S$9.50 is real

Back to the good ol’ days

Tan Xing Qi | November 02, 2018, 01:30 PM

Here are the three greatest mysteries of the 21st century.

1. Are ERP gantries indestructible?

2. Why is Pasir Ris Secondary not in Pasir Ris?

3. Why in the world is Grab even spending money on us to promote this promotion?

If you are looking for answers, I’m sorry, I have none.

But what I know is that the promotion allows you to get a movie ticket at just $9.50 at Cathay Cineplexes.

All day, every day.

Here’s a gif of famous movie star Benedict Cumberbatch, who is in everything nowadays, yearning to find out more about the promo.


Tough Singaporeans fall in

Being a tough Singaporean who hates to part with money, you’d most probably use it during the weekends.

Because maximum savings.

Pop quiz: What is $13 (usual weekend price) - $9.50?

Here’s a gif of another movie star Winona Ryder doing the mental calculation for you.


That’s right, you save $3.50.

All these without signing up with any telco, credit card or club membership. And you don’t need to buy your tickets in bulk.

Wait, there’s more.

Drum roll, please…

Here’s Will Ferrell, yet another Hollywood sensation, doing an epic drum roll on the cymbals.


There’s no booking fee.

Wait, what? No booking fee? Just take my money. Or rather, just take my GrabPay.

Repeat after me, this is a great deal.

Wait, come to think about it, unlike all great deals, this doesn’t have an end date. Yet.

That’s why this is the greatest.

Now, just follow these steps:

Grab your tickets here.

The end.

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