Fares of up to 50% cheaper seen on Go-Jek's beta app

There is no surge pricing for the first few weeks of the beta programme.

Joshua Lee | November 30, 2018, 10:09 AM

Indonesian ride hailing company Go-Jek has launched it's beta app in Singapore.

Fares that can up to 50 percent cheaper have been reported and shared online.

Take a look:


Go-Jek Beta: S$9

Other ride-hailing apps: Between S$12 and S$18


Go-Jek Beta: S$10

Other ride-hailing apps: Between S$12.90 and S$17


Go-Jek: S$15

Other ride-hailing apps: Between S$17 and S$26

A 50 percent difference might be more of an anomaly than norm.

Mothership understands that on average, the off-peak fares for Go-Jek are S$2 cheaper than other ride-hailing fares.

Of course, fares are also dependent on peak/ non-peak periods.

No surge pricing; drivers enjoy huge incentives

In a statement by a Go-Jek spokesperson, the ride-hailing company also announced that there is no surge pricing for the first few weeks of the beta programme.

The same statement also touched on driver earnings:

During the beta, drivers can earn from the following:

- fares; and

- incentives, which comprise points and minimum hourly earnings

All fares will be subject to a 20 percent service fee. In the first few weeks of beta, there will be no dynamic pricing, but driver earnings will be boosted with attractive incentives in the form of points and minimum hourly earnings.

Drivers will earn points with every trip they complete. These points vary depending on time and destination, and can be automatically cashed out for more earnings.

Delicate balance

In order to balance cheap fares and driver earnings, Go-Jek will have to pump in huge incentives for their drivers.

These include minimum guaranteed hourly earnings (S$15/hour during non-peak hours and S$30/hour during peak hours as long as they remain online), and a first-day flash incentive of S$20 for every trip completed. 

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