Driver braked hard to avoid running over child who dashed out onto Bencoolen Street

Driver mouthed 'Sh*t' audibly.

Belmont Lay| November 07, 11:47 AM

Driving at night when it is raining is already a daunting enough task for some, what with the slippery conditions and poorer visibility.

And imagine having your driver's reflexes tested when a child suddenly dashes across the road under these conditions right in front of you.

Child runs out when light is green

That was what exactly happened for one driver in Singapore while travelling along the one-way Bencoolen Street:


Based on the video's timestamp, the incident occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at about 7.40pm.

A child in a white t-shirt suddenly dashed out onto the pedestrian crossing as other pedestrians on the other side could only watch.

The exact location is the crossing right outside Hotel Mi.

The driver braked hard in time, as the child appeared jolted and ran back to the safety of the sidewalk and into the arms of an adult.

This is how the area looks like in the day:

The street has only two lanes but sees relatively heavy traffic at times that can lead to congestion.

In case you can't see the video, here it is:

[video width="960" height="544" mp4=""][/video]


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