Woman exits car to insert CashCard into AMK Park McDonald's gantry & car moves forward without her to hit another car

The car barely missed hitting a man.

Belmont Lay | March 10, 2021, 10:38 PM

A woman exited her car to insert her CashCard into the Ang Mo Kio Park McDonald's car park exit gantry, but likely failed to put her gear to park, which resulted in her car continuing forward without her and hitting another car.

Footage of the incident on March 10 has since been put up on Facebook:

The short clip which showed the incident unfold appeared as a comedy of errors, but ended up with more serious consequences.

What video showed

The woman can be seen exiting her Toyota Prius and patiently standing by the exit gantry as she inserted her CashCard, and in a split second, her car lurched forward ahead without her.

Upon realising that her car was in motion, she tried to chase after it and ran beside her vehicle.

Her attempt to stop the car came to naught, as the vehicle continued to move to hit the gantry arm -- which she ducked under in a bid to follow her car -- and into a parked car by the side of the road.

Footage showed a man who was beside the parked car looking on helplessly in the path of the moving Prius.

He stepped aside a few seconds before the Prius hit the parked car on its side.

The woman appeared to shrug and was resigned to fate upon impact.

The man appeared to shrug and gesticulate slightly when the two cars collided.

The woman driver then entered the car to disengage the gear.

A P-plate could be seen on the back of the Prius at its top right corner.