Bubble tea hotpot exists


Mandy How| November 11, 11:12 AM

Every single time we thought bubble tea could go no further, we continue to be surprised.

Behold the bubble tea hotpot:

Or more accurately, the milk tea hotpot.

In case you can't see it:

A variety of bubble tea toppings such as pearls, nata de coco, red bean, jelly, yam and sweet potato chewy bits are available.

Note: This is not in Singapore. But it could be judging by how fast trends get incorporated here.

Existed since 2012

The place, however, was unspecified in the video, but a quick trawl of the internet turns up savoury bubble tea hotpot as far back as 2012, in Taiwan:

According to the user, there's tofu, meat, pearls, yam, tofu skin, beef, teabag (yeah), vegetables, mushrooms and squid paste in the hotpot.

Another one in Canada:


More bubble tea things:

Top image from Elissa Chen/Facebook