S'porean influencer Xiaxue receives hate mail, death threats from M'sians for Rosmah make up

Some scolded her in Malay, despite the fact she doesn't speak Malay.

Mandy How| October 18, 12:42 PM

Xiaxue is no stranger to hate and criticism.

And the latest round of hate comes courtesy of her halloween look on Rosmah Manor, wife of Malaysia’s ex-prime minister Najib Razak.

She even received some death threats (not her first time though) from the Instagram story, where she gave a sneak peek of the completed look:

Here are some of the messages she's received from the Malaysian public:

Including personal attacks on Xiaxue's own face:

A threat to throw acid in her face:

And insults in Malay, despite the fact that Xiaxue doesn't speak the language:

Yes, ardent supporters of Najib still exist:

But Xiaxue was more concerned about the potential virality of her video than the backlash:

Although what really puzzled her is how Najib/Rosmah still have supporters:



It's out:


Top image from Xiaxue's Instagram stories