‘S’pore pilot’ tries to scam lady, gets mercilessly trolled instead


Nyi Nyi Thet | October 9, 2018 @ 02:15 pm


Facebook user Daphne Yeoh received a message from a “Singapore pilot” going by the name Oliver Cheng Li on Sept. 27.

Here are his first messages to her:

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Now let’s stop here to establish some basic ground facts.

The user, Oliver Cheng Li, is a fake profile.

How do we know?

Well if you search Oliver Cheng Li on Facebook, the first result is the troll.

And the result right beneath him looks like the actual pilot whom the troll modelled his persona after.

Yup, he didn’t even change the name that much.

A fact that Yeoh definitely picked up on, before she began her masterclass in trolling.


The underlying arc of the story involves Fake Oliver trying to get to Malaysia.

And like all scammers, he shared way too much, way too soon.

To Yeoh’s credit, she played the extremely gracious potential host to him, offering to show him the sights, even suggesting potential accommodation.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Hai lat island, and Diu Lei hotel.

For the uninitiated, “hai lat” roughly translates to “hopeless case”, and “diu lei”, which can be interpreted as “f*ck you”.

And after a few days of chatting, there came amazing news.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Fake Oliver would be coming to Malaysia, which was, of course, great news for Yeoh as well.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Yay, can go Hai Lat island.

Arriving in Malaysia

Finally the day arrived, and the two lovebirds planned their meet-up.

With Yeoh even graciously offering to send her driver to pick fake Oliver up.

And checking him in to the best hotel in Malaysia.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Before offering to take him to her father’s restaurant, to serve him her favourite dish.

Sohh Hai, which sounds like “Sohai”, which is Cantonese for “f*cking crazy”. Great!

Disaster strikes

Their fated meeting, however, was delayed when Fake Oliver suddenly discovered that his card was declined.

What followed is a masterclass in trolling.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook
Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

This was the giveaway for Fake Oliver, who realised the picture of money was from a Google Image search.

But Yeoh quickly attributed the photo accordingly.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

Fake Oliver however, upon sensing his jig was up, became less enthusiastic about the charade.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook
Image from Yeoh’s Facebook

And Yeoh, out of the kindness of her heart, decided to finally put an end to his misery.

Image from Yeoh’s Facebook


Here are her two posts — that’s right, two — detailing her very thorough deconstruction of a scam.

Top images from Daphne Yeoh’s Facebook posts

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