Popular Taiwanese bubble tea shop Tiger Sugar coming to S'pore, lists 'brave as a tiger' as hiring criterion

They are opening in Singapore in November.

Tanya Ong| October 04, 04:14 PM

Tiger Sugar is a popular Taiwanese bubble tea store that has seen snaking queues in Taipei and Hong Kong.

And they will be coming to Singapore this November.

Instagrammable bubble tea

Tiger Sugar is known for its bubble milk tea streaked with brown syrup, giving it a unique stripey appearance that has been Instagrammed to no end:






In Taiwan, one cup can cost anywhere between NT$35-50 (approximately S$1.60 to S$2.20).

Flagship store in City Hall

According to the Tiger Sugar Singapore Facebook page, their very first flagship store here will be opening in the City Hall area:

Hiring has begun

Even before they announced the location of their first store in Singapore, Tiger Sugar had already put out a hiring call for service crew.

They are looking for someone who is "unafraid to learn", "strong at heart", and of course, "brave as a tiger".

This is their Facebook post:

Interested and brave applicants are invited to send their CV to [email protected]

Top photo from Tiger Sugar Singapore Facebook page.