Cheeky otters take a dip in High SES Sentosa condominium swimming pool

Living it up.

Belmont Lay | October 02, 2018, 11:42 PM

A pair of otters who clearly love living it up, were filmed taking a dip in a High SES Sentosa condominium swimming pool.

The video was taken by a resident at The Berth by the Cove on Monday morning, Oct. 1.

After frolicking in the swimming pool, the otters proceeded to swim in the pond.


Otters making presence felt on Sentosa

The presence of otters in Sentosa is not new.

A few years ago, otters ate the koi fish in the condominium's water features, which led to the removal of the fishes.

In April 2015, otters were suspected to have feasted on ornamental koi worth more than S$80,000 belonging to a Sentosa resort as well as a home.

Otters rely on Singapore's vast waterways to navigate around the island.

As they are territorial creatures, families of otters get into altercations when they do cross paths.

The creatures venture on to land to find food and fresh water, despite dwelling in coastal areas.