Grab makes "no cancellation promise", offers riders 100 reward points for every driver cancellation


Nyi Nyi Thet| Zhangxin Zheng| October 07, 10:57 AM

Getting your Grab booking cancelled is always an unpleasant experience.

Waiting rather long periods just to have to go through the booking again, even if it's automatic can be quite frustrating.

Grab might be hoping their new initiative lessens the frustration of being cancelled on.

No cancellation

Grab is rolling out a new "no cancellation promise".


Here it is.

Here's what Grab has to say about the new promise.

We’re making a few changes that will improve your experience with us. Starting with reducing the number of cancellations made by our Driver-Partners.

As we work to address the factors that contribute to cancellations, we’d like to thank you for your patience by offering 100 GrabRewards points every time you get cancelled on.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out more product and service improvements that will make your everyday better. Things like more seamless bookings, faster arrival times and higher service standards.

Keep a look out for them, and thanks for taking this journey with us.

So basically, from October 8 onwards, till the end of the year, you will get 100 GrabRewards each time you get cancelled.

This promotion does not apply to Hitch bookings.

Top photo from screenshot of Grab notification.