S'pore man allegedly runs off without paying for tattoo, has 5 other unfinished tattoos on body

This is inking to a new low.

Nyi Nyi Thet | September 23, 2018, 05:21 PM

Dine and dash cases, or shoplifting cases are a dime a dozen, but tatt and dash cases? That's something else.

Ash Goh does tattoos over at Sin Ming Lane.

On September 22, she posted on Facebook a case of a man who somehow fled after getting inked.

A man, Bryan, approached her to get a tattoo on September 21.

He gave some details, which turned out to be mostly fake.

Image from Ash Goh

The man is called Bryan and allegedly lives, or at least, hangs out around Yishun a lot.

Goh told Mothership.sg that while she has since found out Bryan's actual address, she has decided to reveal that information to just the police.


After finishing up the tattoo, Bryan claimed he needed to use the bathroom.

In a nifty little touch, Bryan left his bag behind to lull Goh into thinking he would return.

When Goh texted to ask where he went, he insisted he was coming back, pointing that his bag was still in the tattoo parlour. He then turned off his mobile.

Goh proceeded to make a police report.

Here's a picture of the case card that Goh kindly sent to Mothership.sg.

Unfinished tattoos

Goh said she also noticed some unfinished tattoos on his body.

Namely these.

1. An unfinished peacock oriental piece wrapped around his left calf and shin.

2. A tattoo outline of a ram on his torso.

3. Black band wrapped around his right ankle.

4. Outline of an oriental tattoo on his left bicep.

5. A small dot work moth on his left forearm.

And in case you were thinking, perhaps that's just how he likes his tattoos, this is the person who allegedly helped him ink the tattoos.


One more time

Goh said she put out her post to warn other tattoo artists to avoid falling into what looks like his serial behaviour.

Less than a day after the incident at Goh's, it appears "Bryan" tried getting yet another tattoo.

Image from Goh's Facebook

And the incident, Goh says, has had a tangible effect on how she might conduct her business in the future.

"I normally don’t do that because my clients are all regulars and their referrals so far have always been respectable, decent folks.

I will probably ask for payment upfront from 1st time clients from now on because I also cannot afford to work for free all the time ??"


Here's Goh's post in full:

Image from Ash Goh's Facebook