S’porean couple on London honeymoon foils alleged 3-man scam attempt through quick thinking

Quick thinking.

Nyi Nyi Thet | September 7, 2018 @ 05:22 pm


Honeymoons are a time to celebrate the start of a new adventure together with your life partner.

So, no one would be thinking: “Hey, we still need to stand prepared against scams now that we are overseas.”

Meeting scammers on holiday

Because that was was exactly what happened to a Singaporean couple, Rashid and his wife, on their first day of honeymooning in London.

They allegedly bumped into some opportunistic scammers who tried to prey on their vulnerability.

Here’s the video they uploaded on YouTube:


Rashid appears to have been taking some prior video when he was approached by a fellow “tourist”.

Here he is:

The man identified himself as a tourist, and without hesitation, asked two people who were themselves relying on Google Maps to navigate around the city, for directions.

Rashid and his wife, understandably declined to give directions.

But they did try to help him figure out where they were currently at.

Second act

Interestingly, while the first tourist was constantly asking questions, these two men walked past him.

And as if on cue, the man seemed to be satisfied with the directions and begin walking with them.

The man continues on with the couple, asking about how their flight from Singapore was.

When suddenly their blossoming friendship gets interrupted by two “policemen”.

Who are for some reason, speaking in similar heavily-accented English as the first tourist, and looking quite casually dressed as well.

And, for those who are thinking, “Hey, they look familiar”, maybe this will ring a bell.

Yup, the same two guys.

Fake policemen

And here’s where their plan comes to fruition.

The two “policemen” then started questioning the “tourist”, demanding if he had tried exchanging fake money or “something” with Rashid and his wife.

And vouching to protect the two Singaporeans from him, demanding to see his identification.

The “tourist” doesn’t hesitate at all, and cooperates.

And just as a precaution, the “policemen” asked for the Singaporean’s passports as well.

Which some who were in their position, might have given, perhaps grateful for being saved from a scammer.

Singaporeans remained calm

However, the Singapore couple showed an impressive sense of calmness, and asked for the police personnel’s identity instead.

Instead of you know, revealing their Singaporean and tourist identity.

The two “policemen” then tried to assure the Singaporeans they were on their side.

And another dose of hilarity: The person who appears to verify the “policemen” credentials was the man the “policemen” were trying to apprehend in the first place.

The newlyweds refused to budge, and demanded to see their identification once again.

This was when everyone apparently just got tired of this police stop, and started walking off.

Leaving the two newlyweds to continue on their honeymoon.

Own experiences

The couple earned plaudits for their quick thinking.

Screenshot from HWZ

And prompted sharing of their own experiences with nearly getting scammed.

The last one is particularly harrowing.

Had the exact same thing happen to me 8 to 9 years ago but I was alone, just 20 years old. I was at a boarded up pavement near a main road in London. Despite it being 11am on a weekday, there wasn’t much passerby.

Just strolling around in London with 2 waitrose bag when I was stopped by an Italian asking for direction. I was there for 9 days and my trip was ending so naturally I couldn’t help that guy much.

Next thing you know 2 “police” with Italian accent came over accusing me of purchasing drug from the other guy. They flashed their ID and I requested to see it again. They couldn’t hold it properly and anyhow flashed it again.

Just felt something really shady was happening since I was alone and there’s 3 weird 30-40 years old Italian surrounding me. So I put my grocery bags in between my legs and stood ready, in case anything bad happen, could throw a punch before going down. There wasn’t any space to run as I was blocked on 3 sides and back facing a metal railing by the main road. Dare not look behind in case they jump on me.

Really thought they were going to steal my passport or wallet to check for “drugs” so i refused to hand over my ID and insisted on going to the police station via a real police car. Even slowly took out my phone and threaten to call the police.
They just let me off.

Got to really be careful going abroad.

Could have died that day if they pulled out a knife.

Stay safe.

Image collated from Rashid’s YouTube

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