M’sian man gives shout-out to girlfriend who didn’t mind riding pillion on his motorcycle

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Tanya Ong | September 4, 2018 @ 02:05 pm


Recently, a man in Malaysia allegedly drove his Proton Wira to give his female friend a lift home, only to have her call a Grab instead.

His friend had allegedly told him not to give her a ride if he is driving a Wira.

Man in M’sia drives Proton Wira to pick up female friend from work, she allegedly calls a Grab instead

In response, this man took to Facebook to share the encounter, and even uploaded a dramatically emo photograph of himself sitting outside his Wira.

If hearing about this saddens you, here is a story that might bring you some hope.

On Sept. 3, another man in Malaysia shared an incident where his girlfriend supposedly had no qualms getting on his motorcycle for a lift home.

Gave his girlfriend a lift on his motorcycle

According to his Facebook post, Edwin Kong allegedly offered to pick his girlfriend up from work with his motorcycle.

Kong said that it was 43km from where he was to her workplace, but he did it anyway.

And according to what is supposedly a WeChat conversation between them, she even reminded him to bring shorts for her to change into:

Photo via Edwin Kong’s Facebook post.

Kong: I’m going to leave on my motorcycle now.

Girlfriend: Don’t forget my shorts, or else I will expose myself along the way.

Kong: I took three pairs for you to choose.

Girlfriend: Just take any pair since we are heading home straight away.

Kong (Sent at a later time when he was supposedly en route): I realised I forgot to bring a jacket when I was nearing a petrol kiosk at Serdang… Super cold!

Grateful to be with her

In Kong’s Facebook post, he mentioned that he is really fortunate to have met a woman who does not mind getting a ride on a motorcycle:


Meeting a woman who doesn’t mind getting a ride on a motorcycle… I’m so lucky! I hope this relationship will last for a long time.”

After picking her up, the couple even took a series of happy photos on his motorcycle:

Photo via Edwin Kong’s Facebook post.
Photo via Edwin Kong’s Facebook post.

This is his Facebook post:


Top photo via Edwin Kong’s Facebook post.

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