HonestBee delivery guy on motorised wheelchair earns praise for going about it in Toa Payoh

This scene evoked mixed emotions.

Belmont Lay| September 24, 03:28 PM

The following story will be met with praise and brickbats. But here goes.

HonestBee delivery, on wheelchair

New economy delivery jobs are aplenty these days.

So much so literally anyone can do it to earn extra income, as long as one can travel and is willing to put in the time and effort.

And one person on a motorised wheelchair was seen in Toa Payoh doing just that: Going so far as to take the public bus while on a motorised wheelchair, just to perform his task of fulfilling a delivery order for HonestBee.

This scene is according to a post put up on Sept. 24:

Asked for directions

HonestBee provides food delivery, among other services.

Delivery personnel can earn upwards of S$10 an hour. The amount made varies with the number of deliveries made.

According to the post, the person on the wheelchair was confirmed to be delivering food in Toa Payoh, and had asked for directions while on the bus.

The person who posted about the incident provided the directions for the delivery personnel.

Mixed feelings

However, the post also acknowledged that the scene evoked mixed emotions.

It said it is the hope that "more can be done for folks like him", referring to the person on the wheelchair, as "awe, admiration and respect" is tempered with "anger, sympathy and disgust"

The post also added that some commuters on the bus looked "unhappy" that the wheelchair was in the way, and no one had initially responded to the wheelchair person's request for help with directions.

But reactions to the Facebook post have been highly positive, including praise that the delivery person knows how to "hustle" and is "putting in honest hard work".


This is the full post:

Pure grit!

This scene generated a myriad of mixed feelings. There was awe, admiration and respect, but tempered with anger, sympathy and disgust.

There were some passengers who are clearly unhappy by the inconvenience as they had a make a little detour around his motorized wheelchair.

Possibly invisible to any indifferent person, this gentleman was actually working. He was acting as a delivery agent for an online food order app. There laid a box of food in his lap and I confirmed it when he began to ask which bus stop he should stop to get to a particular block. While no one replied him, I flipped out my phone and checked Google and advices him with affirmation from the bus captain.

Isn't it great to know there are people like him who do not simply sit and wait for handouts? Even on a wheelchair he can be productive and add value to the economy. This is pure grit!

My wish is more can be done for folks like him. And certainly hope the person who received the food from this gentleman is thankful. My regret is that I didn't get his name. I will want to acknowledge him should I see him again. This happened in Toa Payoh, and if you see him, I am sure he deserves a high five or words of encouragement.

Finally let us reflect and be grateful on the things that we have been blessed with and innovative how to use them to add value to this universe.