Creative Thais & M’sians recreate viral social media challenge with unique Asian flavour

Asian twist to the Falling Stars challenge.

Tanya Ong| September 28, 04:20 PM

People all over the world have been obsessed with the Falling Stars challenge.

What is the Falling Stars challenge?

The Falling Stars challenge involves netizens sharing their best fake fall on Instagram.

It originated in Russia, where it was particularly popular among its millionaires.

Since then, people from all over the world have taken to posting photos of curated fake falls.

Typical photos involve people falling face-first on the tarmac after stepping out of their private jet, or from expensive sports cars.

The picture would usually be topped off by scattered emblems of the rich person's wealth.

You can take a look at some examples here:

Southeast Asians do the challenge

The viral challenge has caught on in Southeast Asia as well.

A quick search on Facebook and Instagram yields quite a number of results from Malaysia and Thailand.

However, the Southeast Asian entries seem to have creatively subverted the wealth aspect of the original challenge.


Here's a look at some netizens in Malaysia who performed the challenge:

Photo via Penang Viral

Photo via Penang Viral

Photo via Penang Viral

Photo via Penang Viral


In Thailand, many netizens chose to put a creative, local spin on the challenge.

For instance, some were captured falling near roadside food stalls:


There was also one with a ton of sweet potatoes:

And one with durian and fish sauce:

Thai students and workers were also captured face-planting on their books and files:

Bearing in mind that most entries were carefully curated shots, there was this one photo from Thailand that really stood out though:

Oh no.


Top photo composite image, via Penang Viral Facebook page, Instagram users @2handclothes999 and @tinamdna.