E-scooters hit 50kmh along Changi Road beating motorcycle, red light & almost hitting pedestrian

Why there's a clampdown on e-scooters.

Matthias Ang | September 19, 2018, 02:27 PM

Three people in Singapore sharing the same death wish were filmed barrelling down the road on their e-scooters at speeds of 50kmh or more:

The video was uploaded on Sept. 19 to Roads.sg.

The three e-scooters were racing down Changi Road from Kembangan towards Bedok.

Beats motorcycle and red light

Filmed from the perspective of a motorcycle rider, the video first shows an e-scooter speeding past on the main road, then beating the red light.

Two more e-scooter riders then zoomed past the motorcycle, which had come to a complete stop at the red light.

The other e-scooters narrowly missed a pedestrian crossing the road.

A car waiting at the traffic light honked at the e-scooters.

Here's the moment where the e-scooter dashes past the motorbike.

And here's the moment where all three e-scooters are shown ignoring the red traffic light and nearly hitting a pedestrian.

The caption of the video implored the authorities to carry out more enforcement after 10pm at night, as this is the time more reckless riders are out and about.


Legislation in place

The Singapore government has implemented legislation that will cut the speed of e-scooters to 10kmh starting from January 2019, amidst furious calls from the public for a complete ban.

Personal mobility devices (PMDs) have been making the headlines lately for all the wrong reasosn:

What are the penalties?

For riding e-scooters on roads or expressways, first-time offenders will be fined S$300 (local roads) or S$500 (major roads).

Those caught riding on expressways will face a fine of up to S$2,000 and a possible jail term of up to three months.

For the possession of non-compliant or illegally modified e-scooters, offenders face a fine of up to S$10,000 and a jail term of up to six months.

Top screenshot from Roads.sg