Young man in Toa Payoh drives community cat around in his buggy while on cleaning rounds

So adorable.

Tanya Ong | September 4, 2018 @ 11:09 am


Community cats in Singapore have brought residents closer to each other.

Previously in Tiong Bahru, a sick cat rallied residents to raise money through crowdfunding for its treatment:

Sick Tiong Bahru cat rallies residents to crowdfund over S$20,000 for its treatment over the years

And in another estate, residents looked after an abandoned cat with a makeshift bed and food at a void deck:

Residents looked after abandoned cat with makeshift bed & food, still get reported to authorities

And according to a Facebook post by one Lee Amizadai on August 30, a fellow cat lover recently shared with him a heartwarming encounter involving a kitty, a young man and his buggy.

Feline passenger

Lee mentioned that he is in a WhatsApp group chat with some cat lovers who keep tabs on the cats around Waterloo Centre.

According to Lee, one of the people in his group chat said that he met a man in Toa Payoh, whom he said works as a cleaner, making rounds in his buggy.

The young man, interestingly, was driving a feline passenger around, who was “nestled happily on the seat beside him”.

Here are the pictures the guy took:

Photo via Lee Amizadai’s Facebook post.
Photo via Lee Amizadai’s Facebook post.

Cleaner takes care of cat

According to Lee, the person in his WhatsApp chat learned that the kitty’s gallant driver feeds him regularly. He was also the one who bought his collar.

The cat, named “Ah Wang”, now accompanies his buggy-driving buddy on his rounds.

This is his Facebook post:

Top photo from Lee Amizadai’s Facebook post.

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