Somebody put bubble tea pearls on pizza & people are crazy over it

Hallo ambulance?

Mandy How| August 16, 11:07 PM

A while back, a cafe in Singapore started selling bubble tea toast:

Now, somebody in Taiwan — the birthplace of bubble tea — has decided to put the beverage pearls on a pizza:

A quick scroll through the diner's Instagram feed sees many people ordering it:


Yes, starch on more starch.

And what do we know -- reviews turned out to be largely positive.

The above Instagram post, for instance, writes that the pearls remain bouncy even after the pizza was reheated, and apparently, went very well with the cheese.

Another Instagrammer called it "unique and tasty":

Each pizza costs NT139, which is about S$6.20.

Um. Come to Singapore so we can try it?

Top image from @josiebaby215 and @onlinethree on Instagram